Studio Layout and Pricing

Tier Studios Hourly Rate Not-for-Profit Off-Peak
1 3A  3G  4F  White Box Theater  Black Box Theater $55 $47 $44
2 3C  4A  4C  4G $43 $37 $35
3 3D  4D  4E $36 $31 $29
4 3F  4K $30 $26 $24


Studio Flooring Size (ft)
3A Hardwood 22'x39'
3C Semi-Sprung Hardwood 32'x20'
3D Vinyl Composite Tile 29'x19'
3F Vinyl Composite Tile 19'x19'
3G Semi-Sprung Hardwood 40'x25'
White Box Semi-Sprung Hardwood 50'x22'

Studio Flooring Size (ft)
4A Masonite 30'x26'
4C Masonite 39'x25'
4D Masonite 24'x21'
4E Masonite 24'x22'
4F Marley (no shoes) 42'x23'
4G Masonite 28'x25'
4K Masonite 19'x12'
Black Box Masonite 37'x28'

NOT FOR PROFIT RATES can be secured with proof of not-for-profit status either as an individual, company or through an umbrella organization with proof of association. We are currently offering a 20% discount off our standard hourly rate for all bookings completed at or before 6:00PM Monday through Friday-or-bookings started at or after 6:00PM on Saturdays and Sundays.